Gas titan scales back exploration in northern territory

Nile’s gas giant is taking its time developing its offshore natural gas reserves, the Department of Natural Resources said.

“The gas company’s plan to develop offshore resources is currently in flux and is subject to change, particularly as the gas plays within the area grow,” it said.

The Department of Natural Resources is currently assessing natural gas fields on the west coast of New Zealand with an offshore development plan being developed at the Ngaakapuna North (NM바카라사이트NS) gas field.

The Ngaakapuna North is the only one of its kind in the world with gas resources.

Natural gas production on the West Coast of New Zealand has historically been limited to only a few million cubic metres a year but recently has become the focus of renewed interest.

At the NMNS gas field the company is exploring four oil and gas fields in the North Canterbury region.

The development will help supply New Zealand’s rapid더킹카지노ly ageing and dependent electricity grid, according to the Department of Energy, at an estimated cost of $8 billion to $12 billion over the next three to five years, with additional investment expected over time.

The first phase of exploration commenced in January, with the second phase expected to commence by October 2016.

The company would also construct a third research and development field, the Ngaakapuna New Territories, to provide further research and d더킹카지노evelopment facilities for the NMNS, according to the Department of Energy.