Government works toward passing $1.6b childcare package in a matter of weeks (AFP Photo/David Goldman)

New York (AFP) – The world’s largest polluter might pay as little as $100 million in the coming year in compensation, New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said Friday.

In response to a report from The New York Times that a deal was in the works to pay a total of $1.6 billion to clean up America’s waterways, DiNapoli said that was “a number of millions and millions of dollars”.

“It may not be quite the same as people being sued for the environment and that kind of thing, but that is, by any reasonable measure, a lot of money.”

The state paid out an estimated $7.3 billion annually to compensate polluters like oil and gas companies and agricultural chemicals industries before taxes and fees, he said.

“It is going to be quite a lot for an effort in this day and age,” DiNapoli told the Journal.

State funding is njarvees.comot the same as state funds, however. The Environmental Protection Agency, which runs state funding for state services, gets a commission on each project from the states it covers — so it isn’t actually making money off of the project, which is not what DiNapoli said.

The EPA and Department of Energy are expected to announce new rules in coming months that will put in place a $3.1 billion investment to reduce pollution around the country, but the amount of money that would be paid out is still to be determined.

Environmental groups have accused the EPA of dragging its feet over enforcing the Clean Power Plan by as much as two years, so they can only get so much money before their demands force action, he said.

DiNapoli has said it is ujarvees.comnclear how the Clean Power Plan will be enforced — or how much the EPA will uljarvees.comtimately pay.

He told reporters that without knowing how the EPA plans to fund the plan, state money already flowing to the Clean Power Plan is not enough to cover the $1.6 billion in compensation promised.