Queensland firefighters battle tricky fire with fire fighting aircraft at the scene where a fire broke out at a home in Westfield Melbourne on Friday May 14, 2015. Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones

Firefighte우리카지노rs are continuing to battle an ongoing blaze at a Westfield home, despite a significant rain storm on Friday morning.

At 6.30am, Brisbane F바카라ire Brigade crews were alerted to a house fire inside a laneway just south of the main road in the west of the city, where a roof, chimney and other building material was consumed.

About 10 minutes later, an ambulance arrived, reporting the scene of a blaze on a laneway. Two Fire Service firefighters from the Queensland National Fire Service (QSF) attended the scene at 7.50am.

In total, one firefighter was treated by QSF paramedics and five others were taken to hospital for minor burns. The firefighter is out of hospital with a minor burn.

Fire crews are still in the area and are urging residents to stay away from the scene. Residents in the north side and west of the city will also need to go into the forest and bush to try and contain the blaze.

Westfield, across the road from the blaze, was under a cordon and police were at the scene searching for witnesses to a fight between a neighbour and several men around 1am.

Police spokeswoman Suzi Jackson said po바카라사이트lice had not taken any statements from witnesses to the incident.

“The resident said the occupants of the laneway in which the blaze occurred were involved in a fight,” Ms Jackson said. “The resident also said that he and his partner had been asked to leave the area by someone and were then confronted by a group of people.”