Symphony orchestras managing director speaks with The Australian’s Dave Davies about making sense of the ‘chapel’.

If I had to pick the most difficult and exciting part of the project – and it’s not even a stretch – it would definitely be making sense of the ‘chapel’ in the south of France.

But my wife didn’t really understand what we were saying, and the thing was a complete surprise to me and my team! But of course when we realised the context, which was not really the context that she wanted to understand, it turned out to be a much easier way of doing it.

At the very least, I think the context of this was the history of Paris, which has some profound historical significance to the people who live there.

How important was that to the overall concept?

We were a더킹카지노bsolutely thrilled. When we started, we thought it might be a joke, but we were wrong. We were right – we really understood that the audience would connect with it.

As we were saying the story we were telling was, as we’ve said before, a very different one, but it was also an acknowledgement of those who died during that time – in particul더킹카지노ar, that there was no parallel for those individuals in contemporary France. This was a story about France’s dead, so to speak, and the reality of that is quite remarkable.

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What was the key to getting the story across so well?

The biggest challenge was being able to capture our audience’s emotion to a good degree. That’s why the first few scenes of the opera are so strong and dramatic because they get people really moving in the theatre. It’s also a challenge to tell a story that’s not going to come across too often for most people to hear the music as a whole.

When you say you know the score then you get all sorts of questions from a big audience: who does the music for, why do they play? Did they get the right part? What’s the story?

And the answer – at least for me personally – is that the story isn’t that complex. It doesn’t necessa바카라사이트rily have to be dramatic in nature, and the orchestra is not required to tell it – but if they like it that way they will come forward to hear it.

We’re definitely a very different kind of artistic team than some of the other artistic teams doing it.

What’s been your reaction from the public – including from your husband?